Reindeer be like…

Santa’s core eight reindeer and rookie sensation Rudolph are late for their annual Christmas run. And the big man is not pleased. SANTA CLAUS: Alright, this is unacceptable! Where in the holy holly are my core eight? DONDER: I’m here, Santa. SC: You’re always here, Donder. Like I’m really gonna make it around the whole […]

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I, Candy: Remastered for 2023.

I, Candy (A work of Disney Fairies fan fiction, originally written in 2021.) By J.L. Love Being a sugar fairy is wonderful, glorious, wondrous. I mean, flying all over Pixie Hollow, already the sweetest place for a fairy to live, making everything even sweeter? Well, it’s just about the best feeling in all the world, […]

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A story about africa.

Map of the continent of Africa. She’s trying to get all her nations in order. There are so many that it’s sometimes very difficult to keep track of them all. Making matters worse, some of her nations keep insisting on changing their names. AFRICA: Alright, is everyone here? How about you, Rhodesia? ZIMBABWE: Mom, you […]

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This one time…

Back in the olden days of making mixtapes on an analog 4-track, a Pioneer CDJ-1000 rented from an audio store for the weekend, and a handful of CD-Rs, I set about making a mixtape of all love and love-related songs. I wanted something extra to add to it, so I searched around the internet for […]

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J.L. Love

…for all your insurance needs.Specifically, if you need insurance that you’ll laugh and/or cry while reading my stories.

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Pronounced “zinc-see.”

He looks me in the eyes, not saying anything for a long time. Finally, he speaks. “Who are you?” I smile. “I am me. Just like you are you.” “True. We are all who we are. But what would you like me to call you?” “If you feel the need to paste a label on […]

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