Crawley: My first #storyamonthchallenge entry.

Having successfully completed an entire year’s worth of daily very short stories, also known as #vss365, I’m taking on my next writing challenge: One short story a month for 12 consecutive months. My first story was inspired by the prompt: An accountant has lost his umbrella. You can read it over on Wattpad, for freeContinue reading “Crawley: My first #storyamonthchallenge entry.”

Bird Box: Or, The Happening 2:The Happeninging.

We see you, Netflix. Trying to up your original movie game by getting the top Hollywood stars to be in your films. Now, if you could just make them worth watching. After the debacle that was Bright, I wasn’t exactly too gung-ho about diving into another sci-fi-based thriller, but dammit, you went and got SandraContinue reading “Bird Box: Or, The Happening 2:The Happeninging.”