• Honeybee: My Feb. #storyamonthchallenge.

    Kind of a different type of story for me, based on an idea that had been rattling around for quite a while in this thing on my shoulders that I call a head. Honeybee – Wattpad

  • My Bandcamp release: Free download.

    My Bandcamp release: Free download.

    The Wordsmith is also a Soundsmith. I’ve been a fanatic of the good folks behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic, and many of the offshoot projects of Joel Hodgson, Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, et. al. So, I figured what better way to pay homage than by taking some of the songs from […]

  • A little amuse-bouche for your tête.

    Moni-Kaa – Jeff Love – Wattpad Just a teaser. The full novel-length tale is coming soon.

  • Crawley: My first #storyamonthchallenge entry.

    Having successfully completed an entire year’s worth of daily very short stories, also known as #vss365, I’m taking on my next writing challenge: One short story a month for 12 consecutive months. My first story was inspired by the prompt: An accountant has lost his umbrella. You can read it over on Wattpad, for free […]

  • Disney/PIXAR’s Soul: I know you got it.

    Disney/PIXAR’s Soul: I know you got it.

    Family films don’t come any cuter than this. Soul is a very strong contender for my most favorite of the Disney/PIXAR films, threatening to knock Finding Nemo from its top spot. Probably after I’ve watched it as many times as I’ve watched Finding Nemo, it’ll be my #1. Stories about what happens to your soul […]

  • WW84: Oh, how I wish…

    WW84: Oh, how I wish…

    …it were a better movie. Or at least shorter by about an hour. I’ve always been a believer that in the big Marvel vs. DC movies, the DC films get a bad rap; that they lack the bombast and grandiosity of the blockbusters featuring Iron Man, Cap, Thor, et. al. Indeed, there’s room in my […]

  • The Aqua Tunnel.

    The Aqua Tunnel.

    I was eleven years old when my father took me and my half-brother Mike for a weekend vacation in Richmond, Virginia. I’d been to Richmond a few times, and while I thought it was a bit more laid-back than my hometown of Washington D.C., I never felt like it was “the south” or “country.” We […]

  • My Amtrak Writing Retreat: The fast trak back.

    My Amtrak Writing Retreat: The fast trak back.

    After two and a half days of dealing with Los Angeles traffic, I was more than ready to get back on board the train and head east. Especially since I went ahead and upgraded to one of the bedroom compartments. Los Angeles’s Union Station was every bit as big and busy as Chicago’s, with old-school […]

  • My Amtrak Writing Retreat: Who and where am I?

    My Amtrak Writing Retreat: Who and where am I?

    Day three of the retreat got off to a rocky, rumbly start. The train was shaking so damn much, I had no choice but to give up trying to sleep at around 6:00 a.m. Central time (I think). All meals in the dining car are included when you book a sleeper car compartment. Still, I […]

  • My Amtrak Writing Retreat: It continues.

    My Amtrak Writing Retreat: It continues.

    So, I bedded down pretty soon after dinner, as I had been up since 3:30 that morning. I slept about as well as one could sleep on a moving train. I vaguely remembered waking up and looking out the window as the train pulled into Cleveland, Ohio in the middle of the night. Oh–forgot to […]