Reindeer be like…

Santa’s core eight reindeer and rookie sensation Rudolph are late for their annual Christmas run. And the big man is not pleased. SANTA CLAUS: Alright, this is unacceptable! Where in the holy holly are my core eight? DONDER: I’m here, Santa. SC: You’re always here, Donder. Like I’m really gonna make it around the whole […]

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J.L. Love

…for all your insurance needs.Specifically, if you need insurance that you’ll laugh and/or cry while reading my stories.

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Pronounced “zinc-see.”

He looks me in the eyes, not saying anything for a long time. Finally, he speaks. “Who are you?” I smile. “I am me. Just like you are you.” “True. We are all who we are. But what would you like me to call you?” “If you feel the need to paste a label on […]

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My funny time zone story.

So, we’re traveling west, making stops along the way. One of those stops was in North Platte, Nebraska. Cute little town. Anyway, we got up and hit the road at exactly 9:00 am, which was kind of early for us. We got on the Interstate and drove for about 75 miles before we needed to […]

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WW84: Oh, how I wish…

…it were a better movie. Or at least shorter by about an hour. I’ve always been a believer that in the big Marvel vs. DC movies, the DC films get a bad rap; that they lack the bombast and grandiosity of the blockbusters featuring Iron Man, Cap, Thor, et. al. Indeed, there’s room in my […]

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Quarters From Heaven

As I was getting out of my parked car to head into my office building for work this morning, I noticed a peculiar sight: The car next to mine had fifty cents on its roof. These two quarters were not on the hood of the car, or the windshield; they were right there on the […]

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Winter. Pressure.

When the cold of winter finally snaps here in Minnesota, many motorists will find that their vehicles’ tires are in need of a little pumping up. I happen to be driving a recent-model SUV, that conveniently informs me when any of my tires take a little dip in air pressure. That’s where the convenience ends, […]

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