The Aqua Tunnel.

I was eleven years old when my father took me and my half-brother Mike for a weekend vacation in Richmond, Virginia. I’d been to Richmond a few times, and while I thought it was a bit more laid-back than my hometown of Washington D.C., I never felt like it was “the south” or “country.” We […]

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Girls Be Trippin’…

…and sometimes, they actually be trippin’, as in, taking trips to vacation destinations. Such is the case with the fun-seeking foursome in last year’s comedy hit, Girls Trip. It’s a raunch-filled rollicking romp, and the first major motion picture with four black female leads in quite some time. I already talked a bit about the […]

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Let’s Talk About Monkeys.

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with monkeys. They can be adorable little fluffballs, or complete and total jerk bastards. Most of the time, they are both. Most kids have loved Curious George for generations; Disney’s Abu and Rafiki taught us how to laugh and love; even the monkey from Outbreak was cute, in […]

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