Unpopular Opinion: F#%k Pandas.

Yeah, I said it. F*ck pandas. I don’t think they’re cute. Never have. Never will. All bears, in general, are jerks who wreck your campsite, rummage through your trash cans, and break your side mirror off your cars. What exactly makes pandas so cool, exotic, and precious? What, because they’re black and white? So are […]

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I, The Admiral of Awkward.

When it comes to awkward situations, I excel at them. I am the self-appointed Admiral of Awkward. The Archduke, the Acme, the Apex. Being an introvert means, I’m innately unskilled at small talk, even if the talk is as small as saying “hi” to someone I know or have seen before. Let me set the situation: […]

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DJ Chronicles – 6: Once A DJ…

…always a DJ. I could no more quit DJing than I could quit breathing. I was supremely depressed about bombing hard at Soundset 2009 (even though I’m probably the only person who still remembers it), but I wasn’t in any hurry to dump all my equipment and records, and retreat into a cave in some […]

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DJ Chronicles – 1: The Genesis.

I’ve always loved to write, but I’m not just a “wordsmith.” Besides writing, reading, and watching more television than I should, I’ve been a lover of music all my life, and I’ve been a DJ for almost 30 years. I remember listening to music on the hi-fi as a kid. The hi-fi was a console […]

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Flight vs. Fight

I recently returned from a visit with my mother and our family, after not having seen my mom, aunts and cousins in nearly 17 years. As we sat there reminiscing, I recalled how I spent most of my school-age years getting picked on, bullied, and beat up. My mother said that she never realized that […]

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