Tag: Old School

  • A quick, fun read: My first self-published novella.

    I have a number of projects that I’m almost ready to unleash upon the world. Until then, keep your eyes warm with this oldie-and-a-goodie, a fictional tale about college kids and young love. HERx2: The Isosceles Conundrum is available for e-reading on your favorite devices. Do the thing.

  • DJ Chronicles – 5: The Times Were A-Changin’.

    Right around the late 00’s, the DJ game began to change. Well, maybe “evolve” is a better way of saying it. More and more DJ’s were discovering the wonders of Traktor Pro and Serato Scratch Live. These new doohickeys allowed you to manipulate music that was converted to electronic media, just like vinyl records. It […]

  • Hip Hop Frum Tha Past: Misspelin Stuf Iz “Kool.”

    While it’s true that Hip Hop music has taken a significant dip in quality over the last 20 years, there is one thing that you don’t see a whole lot of these days: deliberate misspelling of names and songs. Other than the rare exceptions like The Weeknd or Knxwledge, you don’t see that much misspelling […]

  • It’s Alive.

    I remember back when I was a wee tyke of barely six years old, I saw a trailer on TV for a new film. It started out with a nice, harmless instrumental of “Rock-A-Bye Baby” as a bassinet slowly rotated against a pitch black background. The nice music was then replaced by an ominous-sounding heartbeat […]

  • Yogi’s First Christmas: My Ding-Dang Holiday Traditon

    It’s Christmas Eve, and I and the fam have just finished indulging in one of our many traditions: The annual viewing of the holiday classic, Yogi’s First Christmas. I have watched this cartoon movie every year, without fail, since it first aired in 1980, which means that Yogi Bear has had his “first” Christmas 37 […]