I, The Admiral of Awkward.

When it comes to awkward situations, I excel at them. I am the self-appointed Admiral of Awkward. The Archduke, the Acme, the Apex. Being an introvert means, I’m innately unskilled at small talk, even if the talk is as small as saying “hi” to someone I know or have seen before. Let me set the situation: […]

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Let’s Talk About Monkeys.

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with monkeys. They can be adorable little fluffballs, or complete and total jerk bastards. Most of the time, they are both. Most kids have loved Curious George for generations; Disney’s Abu and Rafiki taught us how to laugh and love; even the monkey from Outbreak was cute, in […]

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Quarters From Heaven

As I was getting out of my parked car to head into my office building for work this morning, I noticed a peculiar sight: The car next to mine had fifty cents on its roof. These two quarters were not on the hood of the car, or the windshield; they were right there on the […]

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