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  • Frisbee Boomerang

    I see you, kid. Forced to spend a summer of your twelfth year with your father, a guy you just met a year ago, hours away from the only place you’ve ever called home. And this guy, your dad-in-name-only, wasn’t any richer than your mom, was he? Nope. So, you weren’t living it up in […]

  • Black Girl Joy.

    This .gif is from the wonderful cartoon “No Mirrors in My Nana’s House.” And I just love it to pieces.

  • The Aqua Tunnel.

    The Aqua Tunnel.

    I was eleven years old when my father took me and my half-brother Mike for a weekend vacation in Richmond, Virginia. I’d been to Richmond a few times, and while I thought it was a bit more laid-back than my hometown of Washington D.C., I never felt like it was “the south” or “country.” We […]

  • A Love Letter to Maryland.

    A Love Letter to Maryland.

    I grew up in Washington, DC. I went to college in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve spent my last 16 years in and around Minneapolis, MN. I like to refer to myself as “tri-coastal.” I’ve experienced Eastern, Pacific, and Central Standard Time, and I gotta say, I like Central the best. I’ve really grown accustomed to […]

  • Comic Books: That mid-80s “Baxter” B.S.

    Comic Books: That mid-80s “Baxter” B.S.

    I was a teenage boy during a majority of the 1980s, and, outside of a few incidents I’m reluctant to get into here, they were the best years of my life. The best part of those best years? Comic books. I wasn’t any different from your usual 80s nerdy teenager in that respect; I was […]

  • Lady Bird: Sacramento Doesn’t Suck.

    Lady Bird: Sacramento Doesn’t Suck.

    Never mind what Joan Didion or “Lady Bird” thinks. I’ve been to Sacramento. I’ve grown up in some crap-ass places, and Sacramento doesn’t even come close. Lady Bird (née Christine McPherson, and remember: ya can’t spell “Christine” without “Christ!”) yearns to spread her wings and experience a whole new, presumably exciting culture, in the film […]

  • Atlanta: The “FUBU” Episode.

    Atlanta: The “FUBU” Episode.

    Atlanta is a show on FX, a network known for original series that are “edgy,” if I had to sum it up in just the one word. I loved Nip/Tuck, The Bridge, Fargo, and the first couple seasons of American Horror Story. Never saw Sons of Anarchy, Justified, or The Americans, but those are a […]

  • A Complete Breakfast?

    I am old school. Decidedly, defiantly (and I mean “in defiance of.” I’m not misspelling “definitely”) so. As such, I’m constantly gobbling up any and all references to the past days of glory that the internet can offer up. Recently, I’ve come across a bunch of YouTube videos of Saturday morning TV commercials from the […]

  • It’s Alive.

    I remember back when I was a wee tyke of barely six years old, I saw a trailer on TV for a new film. It started out with a nice, harmless instrumental of “Rock-A-Bye Baby” as a bassinet slowly rotated against a pitch black background. The nice music was then replaced by an ominous-sounding heartbeat […]