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  • Disney’s Stargirl: One word.

    Disney’s Stargirl: One word.

    I started reading comic books in earnest around 1981 or so. Soon after, I felt like creating my own superheroes and made up my own characters. One of the characters I “invented” was a girl who could channel solar energy, whom I named Star Girl. Two words. Not very original but hey, I was 12. […]

  • A quick, fun read: My first self-published novella.

    I have a number of projects that I’m almost ready to unleash upon the world. Until then, keep your eyes warm with this oldie-and-a-goodie, a fictional tale about college kids and young love. HERx2: The Isosceles Conundrum is available for e-reading on your favorite devices. Do the thing.

  • Bird Box: Or, The Happening 2:The Happeninging.

    Bird Box: Or, The Happening 2:The Happeninging.

    We see you, Netflix. Trying to up your original movie game by getting the top Hollywood stars to be in your films. Now, if you could just make them worth watching. After the debacle that was Bright, I wasn’t exactly too gung-ho about diving into another sci-fi-based thriller, but dammit, you went and got Sandra […]

  • “Christopher Robin, why do I have not any pants?”

    “Christopher Robin, why do I have not any pants?”

    With the new Christopher Robin movie about to come out, I’m reminded of just how much Winnie The Pooh and all his woodland friends have been a part of my life. Especially after I became a father. I can remember back to a time when I was in an exam room with my toddler-aged daughter, […]