Atlanta: The “FUBU” Episode.

Atlanta is a show on FX, a network known for original series that are “edgy,” if I had to sum it up in just the one word. I loved Nip/Tuck, The Bridge, Fargo, and the first couple seasons of American Horror Story. Never saw Sons of Anarchy, Justified, or The Americans, but those are a […]

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Kitty Love.

Rumor’s goin’ around that there’s another X-Men spinoff film, and this one’s spotlighting one of my favorite X-people, and my first comic book crush, Kitty Pryde. I’m not ashamed to admit it–when I read issue 152 of The Uncanny X-Men, and came across young Katherine Anne Pryde, it was love at first sight. (In my defense, […]

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A Complete Breakfast?

I am old school. Decidedly, defiantly (and I mean “in defiance of.” I’m not misspelling “definitely”) so. As such, I’m constantly gobbling up any and all references to the past days of glory that the internet can offer up. Recently, I’ve come across a bunch of YouTube videos of Saturday morning TV commercials from the […]

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2017: My Year In Entertainment

I’m focusing on TV and movies, because when it comes to music, I tend to discover new stuff, only to learn that it came out five or six years ago. Anyway, here’s some of the stuff that entertained me this past year. The Arrowverse (The CW) I love all four of the superhero-themed shows that […]

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