Unpopular Opinion?: Like the art, dislike the artist.

I think the problem arises when we want our celebrity idols to be more than human; to be better than human, because humans are, well, they’re not always the best. Many of them are the worst. But, liking a song, or movie, or other artistic endeavor by someone who’s done some bad things, isn’t necessarilyContinue reading “Unpopular Opinion?: Like the art, dislike the artist.”

Ronnie, Joey, Donnie: All Singers Matter.

(Never read YouTube comments. Form your own opinion.) Back when I was a wee lad of about twelve or thirteen, I and a few of my friends from the neighborhood, were sitting in my living room, trying our best to copy the hit song “Jealous Girl” by New Edition. When we got to the breakdownContinue reading “Ronnie, Joey, Donnie: All Singers Matter.”

Unpopular Opinion: F#%k Pandas.

Yeah, I said it. F*ck pandas. I don’t think they’re cute. Never have. Never will. All bears, in general, are jerks who wreck your campsite, rummage through your trash cans, and break your side mirror off your cars. What exactly makes pandas so cool, exotic, and precious? What, because they’re black and white? So areContinue reading “Unpopular Opinion: F#%k Pandas.”

The Shape of Water: Glub, glub, ‘n stuff.

When I decide to watch a movie, I don’t usually seek it out according to box office success, or critical acclaim. I just look at it, and if it looks interesting to me, or like a pleasant diversion, or like something I can goof and riff on, I’ll give it a go. Since I don’tContinue reading “The Shape of Water: Glub, glub, ‘n stuff.”

My Tropical Sweet Tooth.

All my life, I’ve been something of a candy aficionado. A connoisseur, a junk food junkie, if you will. I recently came across a Facebook post where one of my friends had proclaimed Skittles to be the best fruit-flavored candy. Some friends agreed, others dissented, offering up other crowd favorites, like Starburst, Runts, Mike &Continue reading “My Tropical Sweet Tooth.”

Girls Be Trippin’…

…and sometimes, they actually be trippin’, as in, taking trips to vacation destinations. Such is the case with the fun-seeking foursome in last year’s comedy hit, Girls Trip. It’s a raunch-filled rollicking romp, and the first major motion picture with four black female leads in quite some time. I already talked a bit about theContinue reading “Girls Be Trippin’…”

Don’t ever “Wonder,” when you can know for sure…

Professor William Moulton Marston, “Bill” to his friends, and “Charles Moulton” to his fans, was a psychologist who was fascinated with the human mind, and how it works. He also had an affinity for the female mind, but instead of driving himself insane trying to figure out how the female mind works, he simply decidedContinue reading “Don’t ever “Wonder,” when you can know for sure…”

Now THAT’S Funny! (Or, at least, it used to be…)

A few days ago, I talked a little about how the things that I used to think were scary don’t really scare me anymore, now that I’m a grown-ass adult. Similarly, my taste in what I think is funny has changed over the years, too. For the better? Well, that part’s debatable. There’s been somethingContinue reading “Now THAT’S Funny! (Or, at least, it used to be…)”

2017: My Year In Entertainment

I’m focusing on TV and movies, because when it comes to music, I tend to discover new stuff, only to learn that it came out five or six years ago. Anyway, here’s some of the stuff that entertained me this past year. The Arrowverse (The CW) I love all four of the superhero-themed shows thatContinue reading “2017: My Year In Entertainment”

Bright – And the “Will Smith Imbroglio”

Just finished watching Bright, the new Netflix flick starring Will Smith, Noomi Rapace, and a bunch of CGI. But before I tell you what I thought of that stinkfest, let me explain a little about my relationship with its star, the Fresh Prince himself. Now, when I say “relationship,” keep in mind I’ve never met theContinue reading “Bright – And the “Will Smith Imbroglio””