Unpopular Opinion: F#%k Pandas.

Yeah, I said it. F*ck pandas. I don’t think they’re cute. Never have. Never will. All bears, in general, are jerks who wreck your campsite, rummage through your trash cans, and break your side mirror off your cars. What exactly makes pandas so cool, exotic, and precious? What, because they’re black and white? So are […]

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My Tropical Sweet Tooth.

All my life, I’ve been something of a candy aficionado. A connoisseur, a junk food junkie, if you will. I recently came across a Facebook post where one of my friends had proclaimed Skittles to be the best fruit-flavored candy. Some friends agreed, others dissented, offering up other crowd favorites, like Starburst, Runts, Mike & […]

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Girls Be Trippin’…

…and sometimes, they actually be trippin’, as in, taking trips to vacation destinations. Such is the case with the fun-seeking foursome in last year’s comedy hit, Girls Trip. It’s a raunch-filled rollicking romp, and the first major motion picture with four black female leads in quite some time. I already talked a bit about the […]

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2017: My Year In Entertainment

I’m focusing on TV and movies, because when it comes to music, I tend to discover new stuff, only to learn that it came out five or six years ago. Anyway, here’s some of the stuff that entertained me this past year. The Arrowverse (The CW) I love all four of the superhero-themed shows that […]

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