Violence is never the answer. But still, violence happens each and every day, for a number of reasons. I’ve never been one to advocate violence and will usually turn the other cheek, mostly because I float like a bee and sting like a butterfly, but that’s besides the point. Chris Rock (ironically enough) said in […]

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A Serious Talk.

Young Barry Buffalo arrived home from school. Dad could tell that he was upset. “Barry? What’s wrong, lad?” “Hi, Dad.” Barry shakes his backpack off his back and it lands with a smack on the moist floor of the cave. He headbutts his father hello. “Rough day at buffalo school today. The guys were really […]

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I, Tonya: Serious Mama Drama.

On the whole, I try my best to stay away from drama movies. The reason? Simple. I feel like my day-to-day life contains way more drama than I prefer, so why would I seek out drama for the sake of entertainment? The types of movies and TV that I enjoy the most are those that […]

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