Commercials: Hey racists, boycott THIS. We dare ya.

Remember back in 2013 or so, when the cute li’l biracial-looking kid in the picture up above was featured in a Cheerios commercial, with a black man and white woman playing her parents? Remember too, the “backlash” from racist jerks who were appalled that Cheerios would feature an interracial husband and wife, some even goingContinue reading “Commercials: Hey racists, boycott THIS. We dare ya.”

A Complete Breakfast?

I am old school. Decidedly, defiantly (and I mean “in defiance of.” I’m not misspelling “definitely”) so. As such, I’m constantly gobbling up any and all references to the past days of glory that the internet can offer up. Recently, I’ve come across a bunch of YouTube videos of Saturday morning TV commercials from theContinue reading “A Complete Breakfast?”