Disney’s Stargirl: One word.

I started reading comic books in earnest around 1981 or so. Soon after, I felt like creating my own superheroes and made up my own characters. One of the characters I “invented” was a girl who could channel solar energy, whom I named Star Girl. Two words. Not very original but hey, I was 12.Continue reading “Disney’s Stargirl: One word.”

Comic Books: That mid-80s “Baxter” B.S.

I was a teenage boy during a majority of the 1980s, and, outside of a few incidents I’m reluctant to get into here, they were the best years of my life. The best part of those best years? Comic books. I wasn’t any different from your usual 80s nerdy teenager in that respect; I wasContinue reading “Comic Books: That mid-80s “Baxter” B.S.”

Kitty Love.

Rumor’s goin’ around that there’s another X-Men spinoff film, and this one’s spotlighting one of my favorite X-people, and my first comic book crush, Kitty Pryde. I’m not ashamed to admit it–when I read issue 152 of The Uncanny X-Men, and came across young Katherine Anne Pryde, it was love at first sight. (In my defense,Continue reading “Kitty Love.”

Thank you, Mr. Gruenwald.

Of course I’m a comic book junkie. High fantasy doesn’t get any higher than superheroes vs. super villains, and aliens vs. other aliens. I started seriously collecting comics when I was about 12 years old, around the time when The Uncanny X-Men was blowin’ up for Marvel, and The New Teen Titans was blowin’ up forContinue reading “Thank you, Mr. Gruenwald.”