Yogi’s First Christmas: My Ding-Dang Holiday Traditon

It’s Christmas Eve, and I and the fam have just finished indulging in one of our many traditions: The annual viewing of the holiday classic, Yogi’s First Christmas. I have watched this cartoon movie every year, without fail, since it first aired in 1980, which means that Yogi Bear has had his “first” Christmas 37Continue reading “Yogi’s First Christmas: My Ding-Dang Holiday Traditon”

Halltime Presents: A Christmassy Christmas for Christmas! (And a wedding.)

‘Tis the season for cheesy Christmas rom-coms from Hallmark and/or Lifetime Channel! You can have your Elf, your Miracle on 34th Street, and especially your A Christmas Story (HATE that one), gimme those sappy love stories with a yuletide theme, starring yesterday’s A-listers and TV stars from the good ol’ days. The formula is alwaysContinue reading “Halltime Presents: A Christmassy Christmas for Christmas! (And a wedding.)”