Bells ring; drums, ring; hell, even freedom rings.This is not a ring.More akin to a whistley whine.Or a whiny whistle? That never stops.It’s not a pulsating, or a sireny whine;It’s one, single, unbroken note,Like a dead guy slumped over his car horn. That’s always there.I can’t ever not hear it.Even when I’m not listening toContinue reading “Tinnitus.”

Coming 2 America: “Sequel to an old movie nobody asked for.”

That tagline is not mine; it’s a line uttered by one of the characters in the movie, during one of its many moments of self-awareness. Coming 2 America isn’t so much a sequel, or a movie, for that matter, as it is a showcase for black talent, both old and new, and an embarrassingly highContinue reading “Coming 2 America: “Sequel to an old movie nobody asked for.””

My Bandcamp release: Free download.

The Wordsmith is also a Soundsmith. I’ve been a fanatic of the good folks behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic, and many of the offshoot projects of Joel Hodgson, Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, et. al. So, I figured what better way to pay homage than by taking some of the songs fromContinue reading “My Bandcamp release: Free download.”

Crawley: My first #storyamonthchallenge entry.

Having successfully completed an entire year’s worth of daily very short stories, also known as #vss365, I’m taking on my next writing challenge: One short story a month for 12 consecutive months. My first story was inspired by the prompt: An accountant has lost his umbrella. You can read it over on Wattpad, for freeContinue reading “Crawley: My first #storyamonthchallenge entry.”

Disney/PIXAR’s Soul: I know you got it.

Family films don’t come any cuter than this. Soul is a very strong contender for my most favorite of the Disney/PIXAR films, threatening to knock Finding Nemo from its top spot. Probably after I’ve watched it as many times as I’ve watched Finding Nemo, it’ll be my #1. Stories about what happens to your soulContinue reading “Disney/PIXAR’s Soul: I know you got it.”