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A Serious Talk.

Young Barry Buffalo arrived home from school. Dad could tell that he was upset.

“Barry? What’s wrong, lad?”

“Hi, Dad.” Barry shakes his backpack off his back and it lands with a smack on the moist floor of the cave. He headbutts his father hello. “Rough day at buffalo school today. The guys were really givin’ me the business.”

“The business? About what?”

“Well, Dad…The guys at school, they’ve been saying that…that Mom is gay.”

Dad snorts softly. “Well, my boy, you know how calves like to spread rumors about who we like to mate with.”

“Yeah Dad, I know. But…um, is Mom gay?”

“No, Barry. She’s not gay.”

“Okay. So she’s straight.”

“I didn’t say that, either.”
Barry snorts in confusion. “Well then, what is she?”

“Bi, son.”

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