#Amwriting. #Amediting. #Amtrak.

I am just a few days away from departing on a 10-day vacation, riding a train coast to coast and back again, during which time I hope to get a lot of my writing projects finished, polished, and ready for submission.

I’ve put together my own writing residency, after the folks at Amtrak decided to discontinue their program. Theirs was only offered through a selection process, and I’ve never been very lucky at contest-style stuff, so my chances of doing it via them weren’t very good anyway. Still, for a while, it was still just a pipe dream. I didn’t have nearly enough disposable income to spend more than a few hours aboard a train; I would have spent more time getting to the train than actually onboard it. But… my fortune has recently experienced an uptick, so I figured if I don’t do it now, I never will.

Here’s the lowdown: Being that I’m currently situated in Florida, I’m going to fly to Boston, Massachusetts, and take a train (or two) from there to Los Angeles, California, and back. (Can’t go east-to-west if I left from FL; that’s why Boston is the jump-off point.) Part of the journey will be aboard the Southwest Chief, said to be the most scenic train route in the country.

After traveling to Chi-town from Beantown, I’ll take this route. If you see a train in your backyard or farmland, be sure to wave to me.

Been on many trips by train before and, outside of a less-than-savory trip from Albuquerque to L.A. about 20 years ago, they’ve been great. My fondest memory is when I was a wee lad of only about ten, spending a couple of days riding from Washington, D.C., to St. Louis, Missouri, to visit my grandmother. I was in a coach seat then; this time I’ll be doing a sleeper car.

Though I plan to do a lot of writing, I’m still hoping to blog a bit, and get a few pics/video of the process. So, watch this space and my other social media for updates.

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