Commercials: Hey racists, boycott THIS. We dare ya.

Remember back in 2013 or so, when the cute li’l biracial-looking kid in the picture up above was featured in a Cheerios commercial, with a black man and white woman playing her parents? Remember too, the “backlash” from racist jerks who were appalled that Cheerios would feature an interracial husband and wife, some even going so far as to say they’d never eat another Cheerio again? Boycotting a cereal company, because they dared to show such a thing? Well, what I liked about that was Cheerios said, “Not only are we not sorry, but here’s another commercial with that same family, racists. Choke on it.”

I’m not naive; I know that there’s always gonna be somebody who will find something to complain about, and that the internet is full of small-minded jackasses who have nothing better to do than trolling YouTube comment sections. One reaction to trolls is to not feed them. I was glad to see that Cheerios, as well as many other commercials, chose another way to react: to keep showing mixed-race families, thereby rubbing all those bigots’ noses in it, symbolically saying, “Bet you won’t boycott everything, you whiny little weasels!”

This ad for SlingTV even has them sitting next to each other.

Ads featuring interracial married people started popping up everywhere. And it wasn’t just the black man/white woman combo, either; after testing the waters with a Swiffer ad, Black women and white men were frequently shown coupling up, too.

HBO said, “We can top that! Here they are in the same bed.” 

Then, the ad agencies remembered that there are many other races of people, too.

Wells Fargo tries to win back customers with how open-minded they can be.

Sure, we could complain about how long interracial couples have been around before they started shilling products, but how about we just sit back and bask in the satisfaction we get out of knowing there are still too many people who are needlessly bothered by this. If only everyone could be as bold and stand up to racism like these commercial sponsors do. Y’know, people like elected officials, ‘n stuff like that.

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