“Christopher Robin, why do I have not any pants?”

With the new Christopher Robin movie about to come out, I’m reminded of just how much Winnie The Pooh and all his woodland friends have been a part of my life. Especially after I became a father.

I can remember back to a time when I was in an exam room with my toddler-aged daughter, waiting to be treated for one of her frequent ear infections. On the wall were the usual outdated magazines and tips on eating well-balanced meals. But I saw the golden-colored edge of what appeared to be a children’s storybook peeking out of one of the wall pockets.

It was a book about Pooh and his pals. I don’t remember what it was about, but I recall Logan saying to me, “Read it to me, Daddy!” So, I did. As I read, I imitated the voices of all the characters, since I had heard them so many times as a result of watching several Disney DVDs countless times over. Was I any good? Well, judging by the way Logan’s eyes widened when she heard all those different voices coming out of me, I couldn’t have been half bad.

When I finished my performance, she said, “Read me another one!” When I told her that was the only book in here, she said, “Read it again!” I was halfway through my second reading of the book when I noticed that the doctor had walked in and was listening in, too.

“That was so adorable, I didn’t want to interrupt,” the doctor had said.

Maybe I missed my calling.

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