Kitty Love.

Rumor’s goin’ around that there’s another X-Men spinoff film, and this one’s spotlighting one of my favorite X-people, and my first comic book crush, Kitty Pryde. I’m not ashamed to admit it–when I read issue 152 of The Uncanny X-Men, and came across young Katherine Anne Pryde, it was love at first sight. (In my defense, she was older than me at the time.) She made my comic book geek heart skip many a beat. I was such a fan of Kitty, I lobbied hard to convince my ex-wife to name our child Katherine Anne. She said she thought the name “Kitty Love” sounded too much like a stripper or porn star name. (What name did we agree on? Believe it or not: Logan. But not for the reasons you’d expect.)

Her solo adventure in #168 only further cemented my love for her. 

I followed her through her adventures with the X-Men and Excalibur, and I was jealous of every young man she was ever involved with. Except maybe Doug Ramsey and Peter Parker (on Earth-1610), because those were the only guys who seemed just as nerdy as I was/am. Oh, and then there was the time she hung out with Garfield Logan and the Teen Titans. Shame that was just for one story.

From the 1982 X-Men/Teen Titans special. They were a match made in comic crossover heaven. 

Though I wasn’t very fond of the codenames Sprite or Ariel, I loved all the costume changes, and all the alternate versions of Kitty/Shadowcat. I understand that lately she’s been the newest Star-Lord, and she’s traipsing through space with the Guardians of The Galaxy. I may have to look into what that’s all about. I also loved all the TV versions I’ve seen of Kitty, whether it was Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, that weird “Pryde of The X-Men” pilot, and my personal favorite, X-Men: Evolution. Evolution was my favorite animated X-show, period. And, since I sometimes messed around with drawing, myself, here’s my best attempt at a Kitty sketch:

My Kitty Sketch
With sincerest apologies to Mark Bagley.

As far as movies, I was disappointed that we only got a glimpse here and there of Kitty in the first two X-Men films. Ellen Page’s portrayal of Kitty vs. The Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand was easily the best part of that stinker. So yeah, I’m totally on board for a Kitty-centric film. And they better not forget Lockheed, her dragon.

And, if it never materializes? Maybe then, I’d just have to write it myself.

“I did what I always do, hon: kicked ass.”
“Hello Kitty” featured image by Tim Shumate. If I were ever to get a tattoo, that’d be it.

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